Precision Epilepsy PLLC offers virtual pediatric epilepsy services via a secure
telemedicine platform. You can read more on this page about specific services:

Pediatric Epilepsy Telehealth Consultation 

Pediatric epilepsy practice that utilizes innovative telehealth technology so all children affected by seizures have improved access to specialized care. Dr John J. Millichap, MD provides telehealth consultations in over a dozen states nationwide. Expertise includes any complex epilepsy, such as those with a genetic cause (e.g. KCNQ2, SCN2A, SCN8A), infantile spasms, or Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Dr Millichap can evaluate any new onset or uncontrolled epilepsy or seizures, and has a specific interest in "febrile seizures".

At Home Video EEG 

Video EEG at home may be recommended or ordered during the telehealth consultation to fully understand your child's seizures or epilepsy. An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test to measure the electrical activity of the brain. Flat metal disks called electrodes are placed all over the scalp with a sticky paste.  The disks are connected by wires to a recording computer and the electrical signals are changed into patterns ("brain waves") that can be seen on a monitor and stored electronically.  There are independent EEG companies that send certified technicians to your home to connect and disconnect the EEG. The recorded information can be reviewed later remotely by Dr Millichap and results discussed during the telehealth consultation.

Genetic Testing  

In cases where the cause of seizures is not explained by initial testing, genetic testing may be recommended. If recommended, free genetic testing is available for any child <8 years old with one unprovoked seizure. Other types of genetic testing may require insurance pre-approval and incur out-of-pocket costs. When genetic testing is performed as part of the initial consultation or as part of the prior evaluation, Dr Millichap can discuss the results in the context of the child's specific epilepsy type and overall condition.

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